Our Uniform

Uniform is an important aspect of equal opportunities at Cambridge Academic Partnership. It also affords some safety and protection for younger students as they can be easily identified as students of the college.

School uniform is compulsory and students who fail to wear the correct school dress will receive a consequence.

Uniform Supplier

Our uniform supplier is Sportswear International Ltd (SWI). Orders can be placed online www.swischoolwear.co.uk (order via PARENTS ONLINE). Orders can also be placed by telephone 01928 752610 (Option1), by post or by email using this order form. Enquiries can be sent to customerservice@swi.co.uk

SWI have created a ‘How to Guide’ for using their website. Please view the guide here. They have also created an information leaflet, including how they are staying Covid-19 secure, which you can view here.

Uniform Expectations

Grey jumper with logo. This is a compulsory item for all students and it is mandatory to purchase this uniform item via our supplier, SWI.

For Coleridge students only, a house tie is also a compulsory item for Year 7 students and for Years 8 -11 students this is an optional uniform item. The tie must be purchased from Parentmail PlusPay.

The following items can be purchased from any supplier, however, we hope that as many families as possible will purchase the SWI uniform items:

  • Plain grey trousers (leggings are only permitted under a skirt and do not count as trousers)
  • Plain grey skirt (straight or pleated)
  • Plain grey shorts
  • Coats (hoodies are not permitted as a coat)
  • White buttoned plain shirt (must be a button up shirt).
  • Plain black shoes or trainers.

Please see below for images of the uniform:


We do not accept the following

  • jogging bottoms or sports trousers
  • jeans
  • jeggings
  • mini skirts
  • hot pants

Please note that no outdoor clothing, including hoodies, may be worn inside school buildings, especially not in place of the school sweatshirt.

  • Plain black, flat or low heeled shoes or black trainers without logos. Shoes must be completely black, including the sole and laces.
  • If headscarves are worn for religious reasons, they should be a navy blue colour.
  • Hair must remain a natural colour.
  • Make-up use must be discreet and natural looking.
  • Nail polish is not permitted. False nails and nail extensions are not permitted.
  • Jewellery is not permitted, except stud earrings and a watch, unless for religious or cultural reasons. All jewellery must be removable for PE.

PE Kit Expectations

Please read the below document for further details.

Compulsory Items

  • Raglan Polo Shirt (must be purchased from SWI)
  • Black shorts / black sport leggings / black jogging bottoms. These must be plain black with no large logos/branding.
  • Trainers (these can be any colour/brand. Students must carry these in their bag and change into them for their PE lesson/club only. Outside of PE lessons, only plain black trainers/school shoes can be worn)
  • Black Football Socks
  • CAP Track Top (must be purchased from SWI)

Optional items

  • CAP branded shorts (must be purchased from SWI) 

Please note: Under current COVID rules, students are to wear PE kit as their school uniform for the whole day on the days they have PE lessons (not dance lessons).

Resources Expectations

All students are expected to have a serviceable bag for their belongings, including:

      • A pencil case
      • Black or blue pen plus a second pen in a contrasting colour for marking
      • A pencil and pencil sharpener
      • A ruler
      • A rubber
      • A protractor and compass
      • A scientific calculator
      • Students are advised to carry a water bottle with them.

Coleridge students only: CCC15 Bundle

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